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  • Tips for living a less toxic, healthier lifestyle - Part Three

    We think that we need to use harsh, toxic ingredients to kill bacteria and cut through the build-up of daily grease and grime, but it’s simply not true. What’s more, it’s become apparent that consistently using petrochemicals, detergents and chemical disinfectants can do more harm than good – both for the environment and for us.

  • Tips for living a less toxic, healthier lifestyle - Part Two

    Nutrition and cooking experts agree that one of the most versatile and healthy oils to cook with and eat is olive oil, as long as it's Extra Virgin. Lots of supermarket olive oils are masquerading as the real deal, when in actuality they only contain some olive oil. 
  • Tips for living a less toxic, healthier lifestyle - Part One

    If [water] is one of the most important elements for living would you not want to make sure you are drinking the purest water possible?
  • How Committed are You to the Environment

    We think of shopping at a refill store like shopping for the betterment of the environment. 
  • Help the Environment by Taking Part in a Circular Economy

    The traditional consumption model is to buy a basic product, use it up and discard the container. The majority of people think they are making a difference by recycling, but statistics show that only 11% of plastics are recycled. We are asking people to save their container bring it to our “Use It Again” store and refill with a similar product. This is the essence of a circular economy. 
  • Curbside Pickup: The New "Milkman"

    We would classify ourselves as a refill store, not zero-waste. No matter how hard we try, as consumers we do create waste. Our goal is to minimize the amount of waste created by developing a circular economy for each individual family.
  • Why Use a Water Filtration System

    People are trying to get more and more probiotics in their diet lately, but the problem is that too much chlorine actually kills a lot of the beneficial bacteria in your system.