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About Tru Earth

Tru Earth is a Canadian-made product, developed by Canadians. They value simplicity, integrity and empowerment. 

Meeting Tru Earth's Three Co-founders

Ryan McKenzie, Co-founder

I live in British Columbia with my beautiful wife and our three kids. My love for our kids and worry about their future woke up my eco conscious side. Before I co-founded Tru Earth, I had a subscription box company. I run an adventure club with Brad and Kevin that helps families around North America get off their screens and spend more time together outdoors. I believe the small decisions we make today can make a big difference for the future generations. 

Brad Liski, Co-founder

I live in British Columbia with my two awesome kids and my loving, and ever supportive, wife.  This is my 26th company and it’s the first and only one that wakes up in the morning excited to make a difference. I am leading a team of people that I can look them in the eye and say “Hey, we’re changing something, we’re not just offering people something to buy, we’re actually making a difference.” In the past decade I’ve become more awake to our current reality, and this is the only thing that has resonated with all the lessons I’ve learned as a business owner. I have one clear vision now. 

Kevin Hinton, Co-founder

My amazing wife and I make our home in beautiful British Columbia. We love to take our two boys up to our off-the-grid family cabin throughout the summer and appreciate nature at its finest.  The need to keep our planet blue, green and full of life for future generations is never more apparent than when we are there.

I’m that guy who loves all things tech and would love to help colonize Mars. In my spare time I’m working on a machine that can pull CO2 out of the air and convert it into something usable. I am obsessed with innovation that will improve our quality of life on this beautiful planet. Ryan is one of my best childhood friends.

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