At Use-it-Again | Southwest Calgary’s Refillery enjoy an eco-friendly, in-store and on-line shopping experience.

Discover our selection of products:

  • Starter + Kits
  • Gifts + Bundles
  • Personal + Care
  • Bath + Body
  • Baby + Children
  • Adults + Seniors
  • Super + Organic
  • Foods + Grocery
  • Baking + Cooking
  • Oils + Vinegars
  • Bottles + Wraps
  • Home + Kitchen
  • Dishes + Laundry
  • Soaps + Sanitizers
  • Fresh + Storage
  • Candles + Scents
  • Accessories + Utensils
  • Pets + Care
  • Adventure + Travel
  • Camping + Cottage
  • Water + Filtration
  • Zero-Waste + Extras


Many of our items are sold by volume, weight, or individually and many are provided in glass containers that are intended to be used again-and-again!

Use-it-Again | Southwest Calgary’s Refillery is an easy way to reduce single-use plastics in everyday life.  

Why purchase another bottle of shampoo, conditioner, all-purpose cleaner, etc. at the grocery store, use-it-up and toss the container away.  Just refill the bottles and jars with your favourite products and popular items.

Your Use-it-Again purchases with reusable containers helps to fight pollution, minimize waste, and reduces manufacturing and transportation costs, and energy consumption.

Enjoy the convenience of online shopping with community delivery or curb-side pick-up.

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