What is a Refillery?

Where we are, one block west of Crowchild Trail

Use it Again | Calgary’s Southwest Refillery sells bulk products to customers who fill their own reused and repurposed containers. This differs from the typical process of buying new products in new disposable containers that end up in recycling or the landfill.  >

A Refillery aims to reduce the number of single-use containers in the world.

A single-use 500 ml plastic bottle has a total carbon footprint equal to about 82 grams of carbon dioxide.  Use it Again and reduce your carbon footprint.

Using a refillery is an easy way to reduce single-use plastics in everyday life.  At Use it Again, our customers fill their own containers with as much or as little of a product as they need, and pay for the product by volume or weight.

In-Store Refillery

  “Bring Your Own Container” (B.Y.O.C.!), or purchase one of our Use-it-Again jars or bottles Pick your eco-product with prices displayed by weight or volume and refill as much or as little as you need  We weigh the container so you pay only for the weight of your refill product or easily by volume Repeat to select and fill-up with other products, then return to our checkout to weigh-and-pay


Online Refillery

For your convenience order your refillery products online by category, brand, and by values Simply choose your favourite products, adjust the quantity by weight or volume, add to your cart Browse our selection of Use-it-Again containers and accessories to suit your product, if required Repeat to select and fill-up with other products and arrange for in-store or curb-side pick-up


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