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Plastic now pollutes every corner of Earth - The Guardian

Our world is becoming increasingly aware of the harmful and devastating effects of plastics, not only on the environment, but also in our physical bodies and overall wellbeing.

Unbelievable that only 11% of plastics in Canada are recycled!

Talking Trash: Canada's Plastic Pollution Problem
Read- Talking Trash: Canada's Plastic Pollution Problem

The remainder consumer plastics end-up in landfills, or overseas!

Read- Talking Trash: Canada's Plastic Pollution Problem

In nature nothing is wasted.

Bacteria and fungi consume dead plant and animal material, and then excrete nutrients which enrich the soil and feed future plant growth.

Our goal is to:

Shift Canada away from a linear “make-use-dispose” consumption model to more like nature's circular economy.

This circular economy takes this natural principle and applies it to the way we design, produce and consume products.

In a circular system, plastic containers from an original purchase are collected by the consumer and they “Use It Again” to purchase similar products in a local, community refillery.

Instead of trying to dispose or recycle “plastic waste”, we’d see it as something to be harvested and used as vessels to purchase new products.


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