Tips for living a less toxic, healthier lifestyle - Part One

It's been nearly five months since we opened our doors to the community of Calgary.

We would like to share with you some of the feedback we have received since the opening of our refill store. 


One of the biggest compliments we get is about our location. Customers are so happy to shop at a local community store. Many people walk to the store to refill their containers. Many people drive from nearby communities to take advantage of the ability to access ample free parking. As it so happens, we ourselves live within walking distance of the store, which is great for our daily commute!

Plastic Waste Reduction

The second biggest comment we get is that people are so tired of the plastic waste. They comment on a regular basis that there should be more refill and bulk stores in Calgary. We agree, and when we become successful with this one, we would like to open another refill store in a different area of Calgary.

Would you like to see this store in your community? Let us know where that is!

Natural Products

The third biggest comment we receive from our customers is the frustration that the majority of products they buy at a retail chain are so toxic. People have developed many debilitating allergies to certain products, even in younger people, which was a big surprise, even to us.

With this in mind, we have decided to do a series of blog posts about how you can reduce the toxic products that you come in contact with and how to live a healthier life.  

Water is Life - so make it healthy

Our first tip for less toxicity in your life is to think very carefully about the water you are putting into your system. 

#1 High PH filtered water

It is said that if you don’t drink filtered water, you are the filter. You can live at least 40 days without food, but not more than 3-4 days without water. The human body contains 55-65% water. When I was in school, I was taught it was 70%. I guess we are all dehydrated now! That may be a smart remark but it is a true fact. That leads to numerous physical and mental health issues.

  • Lungs 83% water
  • Brain 75% water
  • Skin 64% water
  • Blood 90% water
  • Bones 31% water
  • Kidney 79% water
  • Muscle 79% water
  • Liver 79% water

So, if this one of the most important elements for living would you not want to make sure you are drinking the purest water possible?

Other huge benefits to drinking pure water 

Each day, water:

  • Delivers oxygen to your body
  • Nourishes your body’s cells
  • Helps flush out toxins
  • Aids in a healthy digestive system
  • Breaks down your food for nutrition
  • Protects your vital organs

The importance of adequate water intake extends far beyond just avoiding dehydration as clean water may be perhaps the most important “nutrient” for effective detoxification and cancer prevention.

From the perspective of healthy digestion, water is critical to keep things moving. It pushes food along through the intestinal tract while helping to keep the gut lubricated and flexible. Water also helps flush toxins from the digestive tract, preventing their buildup and any resultant disease, most notably cancer of the colon.

Seychelle water bottles, filters and 2 L water jugs for everyday use

A sad fact in today’s modern culture is that everyone’s body is toxic. More than 80,000 hazardous chemicals pollute the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat, skin care we use, and household cleaning products we use. We are flooded with these contaminants and our bodies struggle to flush out the toxins. Maximizing health in the 21st century requires periodic cleansing cycles to help clear these toxins from our systems.

How much water should you drink in a day?

It is so important to keep properly hydrated. The myth is that we should drink 6-8 glasses or 1 1/-2 litres of water each day. But there was never any research behind that claim. Recent studies show that the amount of water you should drink on a daily basis without physical activity varies on your body wight. Would that not make sense? Drinking 2 litres of water is great for someone weighing 100 lbs. If you weigh 200 lbs or more you need to almost double the amount of water you consume to 12-13 glasses or 3 ½ -4 litres per day. 

Water doesn't just enter your system through drinking

Other products that will help detox your life would be to add a shower filter in order to help eliminate Chlorine and other chemicals that are released into the air when showering. Chlorine is very toxic to our bodies and we not only breathe it in when showering, but our skin also absorbs toxins and chemicals thru our pores and right into the bloodstream as it comes in contact with them. 

Visit our store to learn about the Seychelle Shower Filter System

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