Curbside Pickup: The New "Milkman"

Our model for curb side is based on the old-fashioned "milk delivery days"

In this system you would receive a product list of essentials items for the time, including, of course, milk. You would mark off the products your family required, and your products were then delivered each week in glass containers, in a metal mesh carrier. When the containers were empty, you placed them on your front step and the milkman would pick them up and replace what you needed.

The new "milkman"

In our 21st-century version of this model, you visit our website,, and select the products and size that your family needs. We will then fill up glass containers and notify you when they are ready for curbside pickup. When it comes time to refill your products you would simply re-order online and bring back your containers from the previous order!

Curbside pickup bulk order  

A deposit will be required for each container, which will be returned once you bring the container back (essentially, you won't be charged a deposit again as long as you keep bringing back your used containers). After we receive the containers back, we will sanitize and put them back into circulation (hence the name "circular economy").

We are a refillery that tries very hard to reduce the use of plastic waste

We would classify ourselves as a refill store, not zero-waste. No matter how hard we try, as consumers we do create waste. Our goal is to minimize the amount of waste created by developing a circular economy for each individual family.

Canadian-made, we support local to pay it forward from those who support our local business 

We source Local and Canadian products that are produced by people who have a unique story and are passionate about what they do. We look for products that are friendly to your health and to the environment, while trying our best to support local Canadian makers and artisans. It will be our pleasure to showcase our vendors and their unique story's to you!

A huge thank you to Calgarians! 

We would like to take this time to thank all the local community members for stopping in to check out our concept while we were in the building process. As they watched during the construction, they were curious as to what the store would look like. They had many questions about what we are all about, as I am sure you do as well.

We were able to open our store a few days before Christmas, and immediately had support from those who came across our store during construction. We can’t thank the community enough for supporting our business and our vision!

We look forward to meeting your family’s needs in 2021.

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