Use It Again Blog

  • Tips for living a less toxic, healthier lifestyle - Part Three

    We think that we need to use harsh, toxic ingredients to kill bacteria and cut through the build-up of daily grease and grime, but it’s simply not true. What’s more, it’s become apparent that consistently using petrochemicals, detergents and chemical disinfectants can do more harm than good – both for the environment and for us.

  • How Committed are You to the Environment

    We think of shopping at a refill store like shopping for the betterment of the environment. 
  • Help the Environment by Taking Part in a Circular Economy

    The traditional consumption model is to buy a basic product, use it up and discard the container. The majority of people think they are making a difference by recycling, but statistics show that only 11% of plastics are recycled. We are asking people to save their container bring it to our “Use It Again” store and refill with a similar product. This is the essence of a circular economy.