How Committed are You to the Environment

A welcomed concept

Our concept of a refill store has been very welcomed and it seems people in Calgary think it is a great idea. We can't express enough how thankful we are for the support we have already received from the local community. When people come to shop, they let us know that when their jars are empty, they will come and refill them. The question is, will you?

Being environmentally aware and being environmentally friendly are two completely different mind sets. Being aware takes no work at all. You just talk about it. Being an active participant to improve the environment actually takes work and a commitment on your part.

Are you ready to go from environmentally aware to environmentally friendly?

Our store is situated close to a WINN’s store and people lineup everyday to come and buy previously-owned clothing, knowing that their purchase is going towards women in need. They feel that they are contributing to betterment of the less fortunate. We like to think of shopping at a refill store like shopping for the betterment of the environment. 

The refill stores should be some of the busiest places if people were serious about their concerns for the environment. Zero waste stores have been around for decades but they are just a small fringe part of our economy. 

Our commitment

Now that our store is open, we have had some time to evaluate what the customers are looking for. We still have work to do to get our name and concept out into the local communities, but we're getting there.

We are committed to making this store great for you, so shopping at our refill store is not only better for the environment, but it's practical and enjoyable for you!

Let us know what products you want to see in our store here

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