Help the Environment by Taking Part in a Circular Economy

In the process of researching for our new business we were introduced to a new consumer model, “The Circular Economy”.

It is a very simple solution to a bigger problem. The concept was originally introduced by environmental advocates. It is now being promoted by the Canadian Government and championed by the CCME.

"Achieving sustainable growth requires smart new approaches and technologies. The circular economy moves away from linear “take-make-waste” behaviours—extracting resources, making products, using them, and then throwing them away—and finds ways to keep the value of resources in the economy while helping to address key environmental challenges like climate change." Read the Government of Canada's Circular Economy initiative.

The traditional consumption model is to buy a basic product, use it up and discard the container.

For this concept to be viable without government intrusion it has to be embraced by consumers. This is a simple way to help lessen your carbon footprint by consumers voluntarily changing their purchasing habits.

Circular economy vs traditional economy

How We See It

Living in Calgary we realize that our recycling bin is always overflowing. The majority of people think they are making a difference by recycling. The truth is they are misled. Canadian statistics still show that only 11% of plastics are recycled.

At Use It Again we have a simple solution for diminishing the number of plastics going to recycling. We are asking people to save their container bring it to our “Use It Again” store and refill with a similar product.

This is the essence of a circular economy. 

Read: Canada has a Plastic Pollution Problem 

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